19 Apr

Kicking back

About a year and a half ago we finally got around to renovating the last room in the house…. the kitchen. This, as anyone will tell you, is the most expensive room to renovate…. and we did not hold back. We gutted it, removed a load bearing wall and moved the bathroom from one place to another. While we were at it we added a screened in porch to the back of the house and sole some of the garage to make a mud room. Needless to say a year and a half lately we are still financially recovering and will be for another couple of years.

But what a difference it has made! By claiming the space that the bathroom took for the kitchen and moving it to a much smaller space under the stairs has meant that Margaret finally has had her dream come true and the kitchen has an island and we have granite counter tops. We have also pulled the kitchen into the 21st century with some updated appliances …. the coolest IMHO is the induction cook top. It is about 2 inches thick and can boil a pot of water in less than a minute!

The screened in porch is also getting plenty of use and appreciation. We had something called Eze Breeze windows installed. Essentially they are plastic sectional windows that slide up and down with screens o the outside. So during the winter and spring(pollen) months we can close off the room and keep the heat in (somewhat) and the outside elements out. It makes it usable during the winter (with a heater) and the nice furniture and TV we have out there are protected. Then when it is a nice warm or hot day we can pull all the Eze Breeze windows down, They collapse into each other and form a 2 foot knee wall and the screens keep the bugs out but the fresh air and sounds of nature come in. It is a very relaxing room to be in.

I am sitting out there in the porch right now enjoying the sounds of the birds and the running water form the fountain out there.

28 Dec

The Flu

I’ve just moved the sladetowers.com domain from hosting by yahoo to hosting by godaddy. It is cheaper…. although I am already seeing why it is cheaper. Looks like godaddy are into the nickel and dime game. Anyway, I don’t need much so I will work around their limitations and make it work. The sucky thing about this is that I lost all of my blog postings from the yahoo site. So several years worth of posts are gone…poop


Anyway ….. we went out for xmas eve dinner to a friends house and met up with another family. They had the flu go through their house and though that they were done. Of course if we had known about this and how soon it was after they thought they were done with the flu then we would most likely not have gone. I should have made the family leave when we realized what was going on but the food was all done and it didn’t seem right.

And now of course we are regretting it… Matthew has woken up with a fever and is not feeling well so Margaret is out at the doctors with him right now. What ever it is let’s see if we get a little lucky and it stays with just Matthew. 🙁